Meridian Idaho Rental Homes and Community

Ada County and Canyon County Rental Market Climate January 2018

Current Rental Market Climate For Ada County and Canyon County Southwest Idaho Chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers just release the 3rd Quarter 2017. The information of this reports is based on the survey of property managers fir single and multi-family units in Ada and Canyon County communities. The most recent survey
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Christmas Decoration for Rentals

5 Holiday Decorating Tips to Save Your Deposit

Decorating for holidays is always fun.  However, nails, screws and other decorating methods can leave you in a sad state when it is time to receive the security deposit refund.  We have put together 5 creative tips to help you decorate your rental home while keeping the decorations from hurting your security deposit later on.
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5 Maintenance Items for Your Rental Investment

      Preventative Maintenance keeps tenants happy and keeps your long term costs low.  Paramount Property Management Inc.  has been managing homes Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Kuna and Idaho City for over 10 years.  We can help keep your rental home in check with regular maintenance checks and repairs.   Recommended maintenance for properties includes: Heating
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Pets in Rentals

Should you accept pets in your Investment Rental

When you have a rental property you want your investment to be safe, and profitable.  You want tenants that will keep the condition great.  Often time tenants come with pets.  Idaho has one of the highest pet per capita population in the country.  Even the biggest animal lover can have fear over pet damage at
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Boise Property Manager

5 Ways a Rental Owners Can Benefit from a Property Manager

Many think that managing their own rental property can save them money. A good property manager is similar to a good accountant. Their services end up saving you money. Advertising Most tenants are finding homes online these days. But a strong property advertising campaign will know how to target all the good online resources as
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songs about paying rent

Rent – In Songs

Paying rent can be stressful if you don’t have the funds.  Music artists have realized this for generations.  Here is a list of song that share about paying rent, not paying rent, or the hardships with their landlords.  Enjoy the videos and the music.  If you have a rent song that we didn’t think of
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diy property management

Why Hire a Property Manager When You Can Do it Yourself?

I can do it myself–why should I hire a management company?   The other day I got a call from a gentleman who stated that we have a pretty sweet deal, he stated that property managers can’t be in the house all the time with tenants so really all they do is just take a
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Boise Rental Deposits

10 Tips Correctly Handle and Protect Your Deposit

Tenants and Landlord’s alike have an interest in protecting the security deposit. Landlords use the deposit as a security to cover damages once a tenant has moved out. The landlord’s major concern is having enough money to cover damages, efficiently finding and resolving damages while leaving enough time to pay vendors and return the remaining
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Pets per capita in Idaho

Pets in Rentals

Idaho Rentals and Pets   For many property owners it seems easy to say, “I don’t want any pets in this unit.” The cost of replacing carpet or potential damage is far too great a risk and will cost more than a pet deposit. The other side of the coin is that by refusing pets
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Security Deposit Refund Boise

Security Deposit Refunds

In chatrooms or review forum or when talking with friends what you hear most about rentals is the security deposits. Mostly you hear complaints that tenant’s did not get their deposit back even though they cleaned. What is happening here? Are landlords charging deposits for profit? Are tenant’s being ripped off? Are tenants underestimating their
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rental application

5 things Landlords should not do when screening for their rental

1) Rush: After posting your rental you may get requests to speed up applications and feel pressured to rush or skip steps to hurry and get an applicant in.. Some applicants also may voice concern that you would accept their application and screen others at the same time. The screening process is very important. It
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meteorites in rentals

Meteorites and Rentals

November 30, 1954 Mrs Ann Elizabeth Hodges became the only human to be stuck by a meteorite. She was not feeling well and was asleep in her living room when the 8lb meteorite crashed through her ceiling and struck her in the leg. She was 34 living in a rental property in Sylacauga, Alabama.  
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